Radium is a secure and stable blockchain

Providing the required foundation for the Radium SmartChain

Radium is a proof-of-stake based cryptocurrency. It is a distributed blockchain with nodes all around the world. Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. The Radium client can easily run on low-end ARM devices such as a Raspberry Pi. You can also use Radium as a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform on Azure, AWS and Docker.

The Radium SmartChain is a data-layer on top of the Radium blockchain which provides advanced blockchain file verification and identity functionality. This allows users to benefit from more advanced blockchain features not available on any other cryptocurrency. The user-friendly GUI means anybody can take full advantage of the functionality provided by the SmartChain.


Radium Core

Secure file verification and identity management

Identity Management

SmartChain advanced blockchain identity management. Allowing users to obtain a cryptographically secure blockchain identity.

File verification

SmartChain file verification and associated file ownership. Increasing file transfer and download security. Allowing users to ensure their data has not been modified without approval.


Stable and secure proof-of-stake based blockchain with nodes distributed around the globe. Providing a robust foundation for the SmartChain.


Available on multiple exchanges including Poloniex, Bittrex, Changelly and 1EX. Easy to purchase and widely available.

Open Source

Radium Core is an open source project allowing developers from around the world to contribute. Ensuring the code is publicly audited and securely implemented.


A dedicated team of experienced developers. Working consistently to build new features and services whilst expanding the Radium user-base.

Radium Updates

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