Text Notes

Blockchain Text Notes

Placing text into a blockchain is not a novel idea. Having a platform that makes it simple and easy is! Via the Radium Zero Client, users can insert small text notes directly into the Radium blockchain. The process is accessible, simple, and cost efficient, requiring a minor amount of Radium coin (RADS) to fuel the network transaction. Notes can be used to make predictions, endearments, or any other type of public statement that need both security and immutability. Users are also granted the assurance of longevity and disaster prevention. As blockchain technology is inherently decentralized and peer to peer, any and all data stored on the Radium blockchain cannot be destroyed unless the entire Radium global network experiences a cataclysmic event.

Hypothetical Use Case: Let’s say you have written a new, totally original play and want to ensure that you have a record of exactly when it was created, by whom, where it was written, etc. Technically, you could email it to yourself or have a notary sign something or even take some photos. But, all of those methods allow for potential modification and tampering, even if it would be rather difficult to accomplish. Blockchain technology eliminates this possibility entirely. So recording your play to the Radium Blockchain via the Smart Chain Zero Client–coupled with your very own decentralized identity–would provide the highest levels of immutable validation proving ownership without any room for someone to question authenticity. It really is the defacto way to store data when immutability is paramount.

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