Synapse Summit 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Synapse Innovation Summit! The Radium Core family would like to thank you for visiting our booth, checking out our products, and meeting our team. Feel free to peruse our site to see what else we have to offer and don't hesitate to drop by again at any time. On this page, we've put together some things you may find of interest, including links to demo our industry first Zero Client. Hope you like it! Feedback is always welcome! And thank you again!

Quick Technical Specifications

Here are some quick facts regarding Radium that may interest you before getting started.

Deflationary Asset: Yes
Maximum Supply: 9 Million
Circulating Supply: Approx. 3.58 Million
Block Time: 1 Minute
Block Maturity: 120 Blocks
POS Reward: 0.50 RADS

No ICO. No Premine. No Presale. For the community, by the community.

We're giving away a total of 500 RADS so that you can test out the Zero Client and all Radium Smart Chain functionality. Simply enter your email below and we'll be in touch soon letting you know if you've made the cut.

Feel free to download and share as much or as often as you'd like. If you'd like any additional content, by all means, please do not hesitate to ask!


  • Logo Gradient: 6055d9 - be45f9
  • Radium Purple 1: 582e89
  • Radium Purple 2: 7557c4
  • Radium Teal: 00d8a7
  • Accordion Hover Green Variant: 4fc181
  • Accordion Panel BlueBlack: 272833
  • Light Gray: 828282
  • Website Background: 1c1d26
  • Website Red Variant: e44c65