Staking Rewards – A Radium Preferred Staking Partner

Radium is proud to have partnered with in order to provide its users with the most accurate calculations and breakdown of their staking potential when it comes to staking RADS. Staking Rewards is the first and most reliable source for Staking Data. No rating, nor data point is sponsored in any form. Their data relies on independent research from their own dedicated team. For over 1 year, they have been researching Proof-of-Stake, Masternodes, Decentralized Finance, Generalized Mining, Security Tokens and all the other opportunities to earn passive income with digital assets. They have been gathering and evaluating information, data, resources and have consequently developed many new metrics to organize and make sense of this new asset class and economy.

More About Staking Rewards

Staking Rewards provides trusted access to all passive income opportunities with regard to digital assets. They are curating knowledge and data to build a healthy staking and defi ecosystem. Staking Rewards' core focus are Proof-of-Stake Protocols which enable passive returns through staking. They also cover Masternode Coins, Dividend Tokens and Lending Protocols.

As many opportunities require active involvement or have high requirements, Staking Rewards lowers the access barrier by presenting, comparing and bench-marking all the (Staking) Providers, who are dedicated to providing infrastructure, security, expertise and sometimes even custody or insurance for the staking assets. Their Interactive Calculator makes it easy to estimate your individual rewards and reward frequency. The “Staking Score” is a metric that they have developed to benchmark the attractiveness of a passive income opportunity.

For more information regarding Staking Rewards and their services, please visit Staking Rewards website.

To track Radium's Staking Performance, please visit Staking Reward's Radium Page.