StakeSafe – A Radium Preferred Staking Partner

Radium is proud to have partnered with Australia based StakeSafe in order to provide secure, power efficient staking infrastructure to all Radium users and business entities. Our partnership will allow for "direct technical assistance to all crypto enthusiasts, new or experienced. StakeSafe will be working with Radium to help ease new investors into operating safe and secure staking wallets. Radium's staking wallet is the fundamental foundation for the Radium transactional network. StakeSafe aims to increase the networks decentralization via the spread of nodes around the world."

More About StafeSafe

Electricity prices are a major influencer when talking about mining or staking crypto-currencies. As an Australian company, StakeSafe knows first hand the strain on financial resources that high energy costs can cause. So to bring a solution to everyone's front door, StakeSafe: Crypto was created.

StakeSafe's goal is to bring simple and efficient avenues to the masses where someone with little computer/IT background can set up crypto-currency wallets and stake their personal coins. The Raspberry Pi's inherently efficient design allows staking wallets to be run 24/7 while only using a fraction of the power when compared to laptops and desktop computers.

'Trust' is the biggest issue within the crypto-verse currently due to exchange hacks and ICO scams. That's why the team at StakeSafe have obtained an ABN (Australian Business Number), to offer transparency to the market and show that they are a business that is open to the public. (ABN: 37132214115)

For more information regarding staking Radium on a StakeSafe Secured Raspberri Pi, please visit StakeSafe's Website.

To purchase a Radium StakeSafe device, please visit StakeSafe's Shop.