MyCointainer – A Radium Preferred Staking Partner

With Radium being a Proof-of-Stake coin at its core, we understand the need for end-users to have a staking platform in place when seeking to aid in protecting the Radium blockchain. Of course, for many, this is easier said than done--until now. The team at Radium Core is proud to have partnered with Estonia based MyCointainer in order to provide secure, efficient, ZERO FEE staking services to all Radium users and business entities. What does this mean exactly? No longer will you need to leave your own node online 24/7. No more electric bills. No more maintenance. Simply sign up for an account with MyCointainer, deposit your Radium, and begin staking for free, no strings attached.

More About MyCointainer

MyCointainer is a hands-off staking solution designed to enable easy access to the crypto world and the plethora of benefits associated with such assets. Designed for newcomers and veterans alike, MyCointainer's services facilitate the staking process, allowing all users to earn additional revenue from their investments while simultaneously helping to further the adoption of crypto as a whole.

MyCointainer believes that by providing great value to their customers in addition to intuitive product design and educational materials, that they can help both people and business in achieving the ideal win-win scenario.

MyCointainer are committed to supporting their infrastructure via a user first approach. With that in mind, they are also very open to collaboration in an effort to further enhance the end-user experience.

For more information regarding MyCointainer's staking services, please visit

Should you happen to have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord or Telegram channels.