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Creating an Account via the Zero Client

If you don’t already have a Zero Client issued private key, you will need to create one before taking advantage of the ZC client. To do so: Browse to: Select GENERATE NEW KEY Please take note of the popup message: The key you are about to generate grants control over your account. Do not share the key with anyone, ever. Account keys cannot be changed, replaced, or reset. If

How do I Access the Smart Chain Zero Client?

You may test drive the Zero Client here: Radium Zero Client Bear in mind, we’re still in early beta, so if you do encounter any bugs, please let us know via our Bug Report form. Thank you!

What is the Radium Zero Client?

The Zero Client (ZC) User Experience (UX) is designed to facilitate accessibility to the SmartChain utility using a purely web-based interface. The web interface does not require any installation, or downtime for syncing. All Radium SmartChain functionality is available for use within the ZC and eliminates the need for an end-user to acquire Radium (RADS) in order to utilize the SmartChain.

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