Radium is a proof of stake cryptocurrency. The SmartChain is a 2nd layer solution built on top of the Radium blockchain. It provides advanced utility which includes: decentralized voting & elections, digital signature, proof of ownership , custom assets and identity management.



Create and manage your own identity on the Radium blockchain. Use your identity to sign and validate files, participate in votes, and permanently secure important text directly into the blockchain.

File Signatures

File signatures enable verification, ownership, and integrity checking of most internet content, including pictures, downloads, journalistic works, digital art, and research data.


Secure, public, verifiable, and transparent platform for multi-person decision making. No fraud, no recounts, and full accountability as all records are fully public and easily verified.

Custom Assets

Custom Radium assets and tokens can be used for a wide range of purposes and act as their own cryptocurrency/store-of-data, while still running on top of the Radium blockchain.

Radium Updates

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