General Fund

In addition to the Development Subsidy introduced in the August 2018 hard fork, we’ve also established this general fund for the Radium project’s ongoing and ever-expanding needs. While the development subsidy does help, it does not provide adequate funding for the scope of our project. Consequently, donations into this fund are always welcome and very much so appreciated.

Bitcoin donation address

What is this fund

This is the general development and expansion fund intended to cover costs related to Radium’s ongoing development. While the team may not have visibility on every particular need that will arise, all donated funds will be used towards Radium’s development, growth, and promotional efforts. This fund is managed entirely by the Radium technical council, and all spending decisions will be made public in a manner Similar to the Development Fund Transaction Log. The funds are kept in an encrypted, offline wallet. Some examples of where proceeds of this fund might be allocated (by no means exhaustive and subject to change):

  • Professional security audits
  • Service fees related to build and deployment infrastructure
  • Website design and/or development or other marketing materials
  • Presence at conferences
  • Contributing to developer campaigns or other specific development work if required
  • Legal support as and when needed

Further Information

The Radium project is strictly non-profit. Please refer back to our Funding overview pages for details on our fundraising approach and our inclusive development philosophy :

As always, anyone donating to these funds can optionally have themselves listed on the Our Family page.

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