Digital Signature

Digital signatures in Blockchain

Radium Digital Signature is the next generation of file ownership and authenticity verification.  Digital Signature allows a user to mark particular files as official or valid, or to prove they had ownership or access to a file at a particular time. Developers, authors, and other content generators can use Radium Digital Signature to protect their users and customers from malicious manipulation of downloads and other transmitted files. Upon receipt of a file or download, clients can independently check the file against the known checksum and signatures recorded in the radium block chain.

For End Users

Traditional methods of validating a file download are cumbersome and rarely used. To perform traditional verification, a user must find a program to generate a hash and then manually compare the result with the hash provided by the publisher. Radium can perform the same verification with the added security of blockchain, within seconds. There is no need to worry about selecting the correct type of checksum, or manually comparing the results; all the hard work is done automatically with minimal user effort.  Users can know in seconds the origin of a file, who produced it, when, and if any tampering had occurred.

For Content Providers

Today’s cyber-threat landscape poses a difficult problem for all organizations that need to safely and efficiently distribute their software. Security compromises can seriously damage an organization’s reputation, and can result in a lack of trust and lost of users. With the ability to verify hashes in the Radium Blockchain Digital Signature, users can ensure they only open files signed by a reputable identity, and reject files that may be malicious or compromised.

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