Development and Expansion Roadmap

The original instance of this post was published back on October 2nd, 2018. But, as with any active project, things are bound to change. Priorities are re-assigned, tasks are re-arranged, items are added, items are dropped. This is simply the natural progression of the product and development life cycle and consequently, we deemed it necessary to update our prior outlook so as to keep everyone informed. Of course, much of the content will be the same, but there are some important revisions that we’ll explain below. Enjoy!

The Radium 2.0 Development and Expansion Roadmap provides an overview of the key deliverables to come from Radium over the next 24 months. Much of this work began during Q2 of 2018. By the end of 2019, Radium will deliver a number of our core product offerings that will set us up for further customer engagement moving into 2020 and beyond. In fact, PHASE 1 was completed as of August 29th, 2018. As of March 20th, 2019, Phase 2 is officially complete with sections of Phases 3, 4, and 5 well underway!

PHASE 2 — The Zero Client User Experience and SmartChain Protocol Updates— COMPLETE

Zero Client User Experience(MVP Release) — The Zero Client (ZC) User Experience (UX) is designed to facilitate accessibility to the SmartChain utility using a purely web-based interface. The web interface does not require any installation, or downtime for syncing. All Radium SmartChain functionality is available for use within the ZC and eliminates the need for an end-user to acquire Radium (RADS) in order to utilize the SmartChain.

If you recall from the initial post, the Zero Client was part of Phase 4 and we were focusing on a client side integrated Wallet/SmartChain built in React. During the development process, our lead developer, Justin, and the team came to the realization that, for purposes of efficiency, it would be best to tackle all of these tasks at once. In fact, now that the MVP is up and running and the model has proven itself, not only have we built this web based interface, but we have laid the foundational framework for a universally accessible platform across ALL operating systems. And with some simple engineering, the ZC can be packaged into a mobile app with ease for even greater accessibility (Phase 3).

For more information regarding the Zero Client or if you would like to give it a test drive, click HERE. Again, please bear in mind that this is the MVP release and will be remain a work-in-progress for the foreseeable future, especially considering its modular nature in that the platform can be adapted for specific deployment environments.

Multi-Signature Transaction Builder — If you’ve ever tried to build out a Multi-Signature transaction, or let alone create a Multi-Signature address, we’re sure you’ve realized its no walk in the park. We’ve fixed that and have created an easy to use Multi-Sig tool to fulfill all of your Multi-Sig needs.

Custom Asset Creation — A custom asset built on top of the Radium blockchain is a sort of digital asset that has a certain consensus value. The Radium platform will allow users to create their own tokens to fulfill their specific need.

IPFS File Manipulation — This is the foundation for our IPFS File Sharing and Encryption Protocol being developed for Phase 3. The Zero Client is now capable of interpreting and handling IPFS requests in a limited yet crucial fashion.

UTXO Server - Each radium transaction begins with coins used to balance the ledger. UTXOs are processed continuously and are responsible for beginning and ending each transaction. Confirmation of transaction results in the removal of spent coins from the UTXO database.

CORS Implementation - Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a technique for relaxing the same-origin policy, allowing Javascript on a web page to consume a REST API served from a different origin. Because the ZeroClient is build in React JS, a CORS implementation was required for one of our clients (to be disclosed).

Accounts, Credit System, Balances, Paypal Integration - Integration of cloud-based account system into Zero Client to manage and self fund Smart Chain transactions. Paypal funding mechanism allows for coinless Zero Client / Smart Chain access in an effort to promote enhanced accessibility.

Exchange and Partnership Expansion - In recent months, we've made a substantial push to broaden our service partners including exchanges, fiat gateways, and hardware providers. We've successfully been listed on 6 new exchanges/gateways and have secured 1 new hardware partnership designed to enhance the staking experience. For more information regarding our exchange offerings, please visit our Purchase Radium (RADS) page. To learn more about our partnership with StakeSafe, please visit our  StakeSafe - A Radium Preferred Staking Partner page.

We have also partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington to deliver bi-annual scholarships to students showing exemplary performance and promise. This will all be facilitated by our newest team member and technical advisor, Computer Science Professor Sajib Datta.

Alternative Funding Mechanisms - In addition to the Development Subsidy introduced in the August 2018 hard fork, we've also established a general fund for the Radium project’s ongoing and ever-expanding needs. While the development subsidy does help, it does not provide adequate funding for the scope of our project. Consequently, donations into this fund are always welcome and very much so appreciated. We've also implemented a Community Fund in which we'll periodically open campaigns designed to raise funding for specific projects/needs. More information on our different funding mechanisms can be found below:

PHASE 3 — Plugins and Expansion

Zero Client Release Candidate 1 — Development of the Zero Client is an ongoing effort. RC1 will deliver to our users all of the aforementioned features including ZC Staking along with performance improvements, bug fixes, and an overhauled UI.

Full Codebase Security Audit — Now more than ever security is paramount to working with digital products and software. And with Radium specializing in identity management and data verification, it is critical that we routinely audit the code for flaws. To do so safely, the Radium Core and Radium SmartChain/ZeroClient codebases need to undergo a security audit. Will will be soliciting donations for the cause and will be posting to the Community Fund page accordingly.

Microsoft Outlook Integration — Direct plugin integration with Microsoft Outlook will empower end users to utilize the full power of the SmartChain to control their email transmissions. For example, if you’d like to securely send an attachment, you could IPFS encrypt the file, store the hash into the Radium SmartChain, assign it to your identity, and send it off. This would ensure ultimate trust by the receiving party by knowing the contents are validated and being sent by the proper individual. Of course, this would all happen seamlessly in the background, so it wouldn’t be nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Microsoft OneNote Integration — We envision this will heavily utilized in academic research environments where users could ensure that their ideas are immutably bound to their identities, ensuring plagiarism and theft are eradicated.

PGP Encryption — No need to have two apps. Directly integrated PGP Data Encryption within the Radium SmartChain to facilitate efficiency in your workflow.

IPFS File Sharing/Encryption — “IPFS and the Blockchain are a perfect match! You can address large amounts of data with IPFS, and place the immutable, permanent IPFS links into a blockchain transaction. This timestamps and secures your content, without having to put the data on the chain itself.”

ConceptCrypt Overhaul — ConceptCrypt 1.0 was designed to provides an incredibly easy and secure way to record and store ideas and information. Since launch, we’ve received tremendous feedback on how to improve the system. Come ConceptCrypt 2.0, we will be introducing user accounts, social media integration, key management, and mobile support.

Zero Client Mobile App and Wallet - While the Zero Client is by design a mobile and accessible experience, having a local instance available for mobile devices is a priority for us. By offloading some of the content to a local device, we are better able to distribute resources amongst our backend infrastructure. Furthermore, with a proper mobile wallet interface in place, we can allow for mobile staking of your RADS which will not only improve network security but provide you with the opportunity to earn a reward. For more information regarding our POS Reward Schedule, please click HERE.

PHASE 4 — MDASR Law Firm & Instant ID Verification

While this is marked for Phase 4 completion, work with MDASR has already begun. MDASR’s implementation will serve as the foundation for the legal industry with direct system integration to validate employee and client identities, verify and validate files and correspondence, and ensure accountability throughout the firm.

The firm will also be the first company to employ the production releases of our Microsoft Office SmartChain integrated plugins in addition to the Zero Client UX. More information including technical wire-frames will be divulged in due time.

Instant Identity Verification — Current user ID verification on the SmartChain requires manual processing by trusted authorities. We are working with Lexis Nexis to integrate their powerful InstantID API into the Radium SmartChain in order to provide seamless and effective digital ID validation. We have opted to push this back to Phase 4 as it will be primarily used in conjunction with the MDASR deployment.

PHASE 5 — Partnership Development and Core Protocol Updates

A direct result of our participation at the 2019 Synapse Summit, Radium has established a working relationship with a business identification platform to deliver the same level of fidelity and accessibility that users expect with the Zero Client to their platform. We are very excited to divulge further so please stay tuned!

Radium is also working with a Florida based community engagement platform to deliver our voting and elections protocols as the foundation for their operations.

STRATIS Codebase Swap — A swap of the current codebase to the C# driven STRATIS Codebase. This will facilitate accelerated future development cycles and allow for far more community participation due to the far greater accessibility. We have pushed back the codebase swap to Phase 5 in order to divert resources to more pressing matters.

File for Zero Client Provisional Software Patent —In order to protect the Zero Client Intellectual Property, we will be filing for a provisional software patent. Further details to be disclosed soon.

BIG IDEAS — The Beyond

Mobile SmartChain — Let’s face it. Most of the world would rather use a phone than a computer when it comes to most things. So, we’re not going to deny that and bring the power of the SmartChain to that little computer in your pocket. In fact, with the release of the Zero Client, we’ll have accomplished this and more!

Legal Industry Expansion — As we mentioned earlier, our work with MDASR is foundational. We’ll be using the knowledge gained there to further establish ourselves within the industry.

Health Care and Real Estate Industry Penetration — The health care and real estate industries could benefit greatly from some immutability and accountability. Even in today’s world, there are far too many instances of invalid documentation and poorly kept records. We at Radium seek to correct this dilemma.

Corporate Integration — Executives, employees, clients, you name it — everyone should be held accountable for their actions, whether good or bad. We plan to introduce blockchain’s immutability via SmartChain Identities and data verification and validation protocols.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods — With the release of Radium Custom Assets, FMCG businesses will be able to deploy their own tokens in order to track, manage, and validate shipments, inventory, routing protocols, etc.

Quantum Resistance — Most blockchains in existence are for the most part secure but they all have one major Achilles heal — Quantum Computing. With the technology evolving at a rapid pace, there is only a finite and ever decreasing window of opportunity to protect our assets before all currently employed encryption algorithms become obsolete. We are going to ensure that Radium is equipped to weather this transition with certainty.

Government Level Elections — SmartChain Elections have the power to change the world. Coupled with SmartChain Identities, local and even federal government institutions could benefit greatly from having an impenetrable voting system, free of tampering, miscalculations, and technical influence. Results would be accurate and immutable, exactly how they should be. Worth noting, SmartChain Elections is an already available protocol for all users of Radium. In fact, the Radium team has used the SmartChain to include the community in development decisions and will continue to recruit community input in the future.