Development Fund

Development Fund Multi-Signature Address

Radium was launched using a fair Proof-Of-Work distribution without an ICO or premine, meaning that no coins were originally set aside for development. Development for the first two years of the project was supported through private funding and donations of time and talents from various developers. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable model, and no strong project can move forward without a stable source of funding. In 2018, the Development Fund was established to provide a sustainable source of revenue to support continued development.

As of August 29th, 2018, twelve percent of all newly created coins will be deposited automatically by the network into the development fund.  The development funds are held in a 5 of 12 multi-signature Radium address, which can be viewed here . Theft or misuse of the funds will be difficult, as any transaction will require 5 separate individuals to approve and sign all transactions coming from the Development fund.

In the interest of transparency, all disbursements from the fund will require approval from the community, via a SmartChain vote. Once the vote is completed, key holders be required to approve or  reject a spending transaction, based on the results of the public vote.

Designated Key Holders

  • Justin Jacobeen -2
  • Alaniz – 2
  • John Poulmentis – 1
  • Maximator – 1
  • Shane Jacobeen – 1
  • Anna Jacobeen – 1
  • Mathew Pirraglia – 1
  • Goblin – 1
  • Ganastor – 1

Radium General Fund