About Radium Core

Radium Core is the organisation supporting the Radium blockchain. We are a dedicated team of developers, community members and users striving to increase awareness and adoption of Radium and the SmartChain. Radium Core is also an open source community striving to both develop and publicly audit the Radium Core code.

The main team includes the following members:

  • Justin Jacobeen: Founder and SmartChain Developer, SmartChain Software Solutions, LLC
  • Alaniz: Radium Core Developer and Community Manager
  • Timothy Mesker: Founder and Developer, MGR Project Radium, LLC
  • Anna: Marketing Content Manager
  • Lamptoast: Assistant SmartChain Developer
  • Goblynn: SmartChain Beta Testing
  • John: Social Media Assistant

Our mission is to provide cryptographic security to everyday and business users by leveraging blockchain technology. We achieve this by extending the standard blockchain functions through the SmartChain. The decentralized nature of Radium is something we strive to preserve and promote. As an organization our main functions are to maintain and develop the Radium Core code, manage the community aspects of Radium, handle marketing and promotion and educating users on how to effectively use the software.